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  Our services include:

  measurement of transport,
  the transport of cargo,
  the organization of permits,
  the organization of police pilotage,
  organization of combined transport infrastructure (water, air, land),
  repair of trucks' kits.

  The detailed scope of activity

      Our company is the one which carried the construction of 6 meters from Pińczów to Stuttgart. We carried 100-tone production line from Magdeburg to Bełchatów. We carried steel coils with a diameter of 6.3 meter from Katowice to Kazlu Rudy in Lithuania. We carried 37-meters gantry cranes from Hungary to Dunkirk in France. We carried 39-meters arm lift to the port of Zgorzelec Brestu over the Atlantic. We carried gantry cranes with a length of 41 meters with Chojnic to Salzgitter as well as the caterpillar tracks weighing 55 tonnes from Bremerhaven to Kiev.
      Integrity, professionalism and reliability are the currency of our company since its beginning. Thanks to these characteristics, we are well known among the growing number of our customers. Despite this, we do not rest on laurels. Our past successes do not allow us to abandon work on the enhancement of the efficiency of the overall transport system, because our goal is to strengthen the strong position of the recognized leading international carriers.
      A modern fleet and experienced team allow for the execution of even the most demanding tasks. We are safe and secure and provide timely delivery of cargo to the designated place. Professional approach of shippers, drivers and mechanics makes all the obstacles and inaccuracies are clarified and resolved before the process could disrupt the implementation of the transport service. Above all watches Jacek Szukała - a man personally involved in the optimal implementation of strategic orders.
      Thanks to this and constant contact with our colleagues and partners, all clients can be calm about the shipment entrusted to us. Cooperation with experienced logistics partners throughout Europe ensures both us and yourself as a competent service at every stage of the carriage, and high quality services. Their scope also includes piloting vehicles laden with oversized cargo.
      Our company sets the route in the country and abroad itself, deals with any official permission, has its own pilot program, organizes police pilotage, guarantees reliable information at each stage of the execution of the order, each transport is insured, at the request organizes the loading and unloading. We offer the optimum launch date of order, all we ask for is to give us time to fulfill the necessary formalities. Engines are already working.
      We are still developing. This is possible thanks to a new, modern and increasingly specialized equipment and greater productivity and better organization.


In 2006, we have performed 219 transport orders. A year later, there were already 344. This year our firm have already made 477 orders.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us or send us a query in whatever form, taking into account the necessary information for us on the dimensions of the cargo, and take the place of his destination and expected time of his order. Scheme, technical drawing or photograph of cargo certainly help us choose the most optimal opportunity of transport. Why? The answer is simple ... we prepare a competitive bid taking into account the needs of the customer and mutual benefit.
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