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  Company history

      The company Szukała Trans was established in 1991. The company's business is primarily the transport of cars, inter alia for Hanex, Jaxapol, Kulczyk Tradex.
      containers from the ports of Western Europe to Poland and Russia. With the expansion of the rolling stock, our capacity to transport also increased; to our offer we added refrigeration and tilted trailer transports.
      Year 1999 was a breakthrough for Szukała - Trans. Then we took up another challenge, because of the growing demand for cargo, we began to provide services in this area. Step by step, we customized rolling stock for transporting oversized cargo, so that transportation specialist has become our domain.
      The company Szukała - Trans also offers the possibility of pilot vehicles and prepares permits for their passage through the countries of the European Union, Russia and former Soviet republics.
      Szukała - Trans is a member of the International Association of Road Transport in Warsaw.

The company is carried out by its founder and first owner Jacek Szukała.

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